What our clients are saying...


This guy -- Billy Vorpahl -- is one of the best: nice guy, completely honest, thoroughly competent. We've got a used '99 BMW 328i and an old '64 Mercedes 220 (great car with a trunk you could sublet). Billy was initially recommended by a fellow vintage Mercedes owner who said he was incredibly creative keeping his car going from adapted and cannibalized parts when searching the Internet for parts came up empty. We've used him for the Mercedes and for our BMW. He is scrupulously honest, only doing work when necessary, rather than hard-selling us into needless repairs. Recently, he told us that, rather than have him do a $1000 repair on the "wishbone" (whatever that is) of the BMW, he told us that his research showed that BMW had completely re-designed the part, suggesting a design flaw, and that we should try to get the dealership to make good on it. We took it to them (DiFeo BMW in Tenafly, NJ, if you're interested), and after hearing what Billy told us, they offered to do the job for the cost of labor only -- around $300. When he does work on the cars, its competently done, timely completed, and very reasonable -- a fraction of what other repair shops in this (affluent) area would charge. Can't recommend him highly enough!!!

Billy and his mechanics are the best. As the other review said . . . they are honest and reasonable. I had a Honda Accord and took it to them and they took care of it wonderfully. Then I bought a Prius and was afraid that they may not be able to work on this. Billy did not hesitate. I take it there between dealer checkups as it is a fairly new car mechanically but Billy can work on it and he will tell me if he feels he cannot. He is a wonder. I have been going to him for about 11 years and love him!! He has saved me and my family innumerable $$'s over the years. I have a friend who has a 1960 Pontiac who everyone else had given up on but Billy has the car running. Kudos to Billy!! - Rara

Reliable, fair and honest. Hard to find these qualities these days.  Tim O'Brien

HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY and extremely nice people. I took my car to T & B Auto Service when I first moved to the area. I had no idea where to go and was recommended to this shop. I have lived here now for 2 years and will never take my car anywhere else. They are completely honest and do exceptional work. Not to mention everyone is very friendly. I highly recommend T & B Auto Service!